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CTT3280 Test machine

 CTT3280 is a high-performance test machine which is used for power semiconductors discrete devices. It is adapted to the chip testing and finished product testing. The main testing devices include MOSFET, triode, diode, (Schottky and Zener) and other power devices. By connecting the test probe, whose another side is connected with the host computer to pin card, the 8 site parallel test hardware structure is established, which is mainly used for chip multi-position test.


1. PC can exchange data with test machine by PCI card;

2. Use double-layer frame, can be equipped with up to 26 modules;

3. Normally equip a test probe, can achieve parallel test of 8 chips;

4. Equip TTL and GPIB interface can connect with all handlers and probe stations;

5. Power is controlled by software with self-protection function;

6. The software provides sheet interface to set test parameters in interface, and provides a single parameter debugging function;

7. The system has built-in data analysis software;

8. Support ACCESS, EXCEL, CSV, STDF and other data storage formats;

9. Support CP test, has MAP display and a variety of MAP data storage function

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