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CTT3600 Test machine

CTT3600 is a high performance test machine which tests power device. There are 000V/50A, 2000V/100A, 3000V/600A and other kind of different specifications. Mainly test triode, MOSFET, diode, voltage regulator tube, IGBT power component, etc.


1. PC can exchange data with test machine by PCI card;

2. Use a single frame, can be equipped with up to 10 modules;

3. Support A,B,C,D ping-pong test, DUT box connects the host by 3M CABLE;

4. Equip with TTL and GPIB interface which can connect with all handlers and probe stations;

5. Power is controlled by software with self-protection function;

6. Calibrate data ensures the accuracy of system;

7. Windows 7 operation system;

8. Support ACCESS, EXCEL, CSV, STDF and other data storage formats;

9. System can meet the special requirements of different customers through setting the system;

10. The system has built-in data analysis software;

11. Allow users to define the rights of the system function module.

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