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CTA8280 Test machine

CTA8280 is the second generation digital-analog hybrid test machine, which has maximum current of 10A, maximum voltage of 1000V. It supports AB two stations ping-pong test and parallel test up to 8 site per station. Every source has independent AD/DA that promotes the test speed. Independent SGND structure improves precision when parallel test. The calibrate data ensures the accuracy of system module. TMU test precision is up to PS level. It can apply to test AC-DC, DC-DC, operational amplifiers, power amplifiers, motor drives and other analog circuits, and tiny capacitors.


1. Debug user program source code through user-self test program framework;

2. Support user programming structure with copy function, can save a lot of time in similar products programming;

3. Modify the test parameters and test conditions by list of parameters, can achieve single parameter test;

4. Power is controlled by software with self-protection;

5. Equip with TTL and GPIB interface, which can connect all the probe sets and handlers;

6. Support AB two stations ping-pong test and parallel test up to 8 sites per station;

7. Every source has independent AD/DA to improve the speed of test machine greatly;

8. The independent SGND improves the speed of parallel test.

9. Calibrate data to ensure the accuracy of system;

10. Support ACCESS, EXCEL, CSV, STDF and other data storage formats.

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